Themes/ TOPICS

Workshops are entirely customisable to your needs and topics, as the tools and techniques focus on the same thing – your brain – whatever you are doing. This can range from leadership development to scientific research, from social change to improved business practices or design to stress and anxiety reduction. The catergories below are therefore best thought of as broad “areas”.


Whether individually or collectively, the fundamental creativity and innovation challenge is to seek the 'New and Different' rather than the 'Old and the Same'. But how does the brain process this? How does it eplore the New and Different?

Discover ways to change your natural focus.

achieving goals

Intentions are good, but actions are like the fossil records we leave behind. Without them, there is no trace of our contribution. But often - individually and/ or collectively - our actions and innate motivations are misaligned.

Discover ways to make achieving goals more natural and enjoyable.

focused productivity

Stressed multi-tasking is (generally) the enemy of creativity and innovation. But the answer in a dynamic and fast-paced environment is not simply more 'relaxation'. Rather, it is to be able to enter an focussed, productive and enjoyable state when needed.

Develop tools and techniques to do this.


Tailor-made Workshops

Workshops for progressive companies and social organisations can be organised around specific themes or challenges (e.g., organisational change or strategic process, making breakthroughs in an area of technological research, leadership training, team building).

They can also focus on a topic such as tools and techniques for innovation or focussed productivity.

Workshops can last for a few hours or days, depending on your needs. It is also possible to build internal training courses which occur over an extended period of time.

Events and Workshops

A number of events open to anyone take place each year, ranging from short introductory online workshops, through to longer seminars or courses (online and in person).

Many of the tools and techniques are highly suitable for use during webinars, although there is less interaction between participants. In-person events and training allow for more in-depth coverage of the topics and obviously benefit from more interaction with others.

The only thing you need to bring is an open mind.

Individual coaching

Individual coaching allows people to go into much greater depth than more generic training, revealing blocks and thought-processes that can stand in the way.

It can be surprising and powerful, with people often finding it genuinely life-changing as unexpected solutions, resources and insights can be discovered.

As with the workshops and training, the emphasis is on providing people with tools and techniques that they can use themselves, rather than providing any ‘advice’, per se.

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