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What We Do

With 86 Billion neurons, each connected to thousands of others, the human brain is astonishingly complex and awesomely beautiful. It is responsible for everything you think, feel, believe, imagine, choose or perceive, as well as the stories you tell yourself about your capabilities, limitations and expectations.

Your individual brain literally produces the experience of being you. Our brains collectively produce the experience of being us. But how much do we understand as to how they actually work? What changes when we work with rather than against our brain's underlying biological architecture?

The underlying approach taken is broadly Embodied Cognition, whereby the brain must be understood within its evolutionary role of promoting the survival and perpetuation of the living organism: You. Us.

Why We Do It

As part of the world marches into a future of bio-engineering, artificial intelligence and space travel - once considered the realm of science fiction - the vast challenges of climate change, war, human rights abuses, erosion of trust in the political system and mind-bending levels of inequality remain.

For those of us who want to be part of shaping a better common future, rather than simply letting others determine it for us, we need to use all we've got to stay in the game.

This means finding ways of embracing the full-range of our extraordinary cognitive capabilities, including those which occur automatically - unobserved, unchallenged and under exploited - below the surface. In doing so, we can live more creative, productive, healthier and fulfilled lives both individually and collectively.


How We Do It

Throughout history, people of all cultures have sought to heighten their states of awareness, be it through spiritual practices, mindfulness, ingestion of substances, music, dance, etc.In modern times we have added life-coaching, extreme sports and brain gadgets to the catalogue of practices.

All have their adherents, and most have their critics. But ultimately, they all rely on the same thing: the brain. And our evolutionary-developed, adaptive, learning brain still has plenty of natural tricks up its sleeve to help us see the world through new eyes. We seek to use them.

Unconscious Innovation utilises practical and (mainly) simple 'anytime/ anyplace' tools and techniques to rapidly access different cognitive and physical states. Sometimes changes are very subtle. At other times they are more dramatic and suprising.


With Whom

Through training and coaching, Unconscious Innovation works with individuals, progressive companies and socially-oriented organisations to expand our ways of thinking and open up new possibilities for action.

Group workshops can be tailor-made for teams who are working on a specific challenge. They are also appropriate for more diverse participants within a company or organisation, who are seeking to develop generic cognitive skills and practices that they can apply to their own situations. A number of public workshops and events are also held which are open to anyone.

Individual coaching allows people to explore issues in a much more in-depth way, identifying blockages and discovering new and unexpected solutions for action related to their specific circumstances.

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